[BUG] Find/Replaced values in Templates didn't fire bindings


I’m moving two independent projects on different gateways onto a single gateway and had to move the majority of tags from one project into a new area folder due to rebranding. I.e. my tags were originally located in: Old Site/Packaging/Folder/Tag and now they need to move to New Site/Packaging/Folder/Tag. Due to this I then also had to do a bulk find/replace to rename binding links. After doing this however, the bindings haven’t actually updated. The tag paths have updated, but the bindings haven’t fired in order to use the new tag path.

For example:

If I open the binding and OK it, then it’s all good. But I have 100’s if not 1000’s of these to fix… and it affects the client as well which is strange. It’s as if the binding has become stale.

I don’t know of any way to fix this, so i’m going to try a gateway reboot… Nope, that didn’t work… I might have to do this one-by-one… goodbye budget! :wave:

I’m not positive this is a ‘bug’, per se. I wouldn’t want or expect bindings to update in this scenario (assuming it’s even possible) - that could have some unexpected effects. I could see it being nice to have a way to quickly ‘re-evaluate’ all bindings in the designer, but I think the only ‘safe’ way to do that would be to open every single window in the project, which would be a pretty expensive operation.

I guess my topic title is a bit misleading; the real issue is that clients don’t use the right updated bindings. Before I went through each of my templates and “re-saved” those affected bindings, they were displaying as bad quality in the client. After re-saving, they came good with no other changes

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Just back to vent… This has been the biggest pain to fix!! For some instances of template that have this issue, they’re fine, but others they’re not. I should go through literally each Template and Window that I have and reopen each binding and save them to fix this for everything. But I have 267 templates and 90 windows to do this to and who knows how many bindings per resource (say it’s 10 per resource on average, that’s 3,570 bindings to manually click on) I would estimate taking 12+ hours to fix manually :frowning: I don’t have that many hours to spare. Do you know of a workaround I can use?

Edit: I just timed one template which had 80 bindings: 3s per binding (locating, editing, pressing enter), 4 mins in total. Maybe I need to up that average to 30-40 bindings per resource which what do you know, comes out to almost exactly 12 hours (11.9)

Edit 2: I’ve just found another template that has the issue. I got copied the XML of it before fixing it and after fixing it and saving, and they’re identical apart from the edit timestamp :confused: I also tried copying and pasting the XML in hopes that it would trigger a refresh of the bindings, but nope :frowning:

What if you export and reimport the project ? Or maybe duplicate it and see if it’s fixed in the new one ?

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Failing that, the only other terrible workaround I can envision would be something you run in the script console that programatically opens each window and then opens the binding dialog for each window. I’m not even sure how that last part would work or if it’s directly possible, but it may be worth experimenting with.


I’m getting a grad to do the manual way :slight_smile:
@PGriffith Do you know yet the cause of the issue? Is it something in the v7 to v8 upgrade script? or is it something that can happen to pure v8 projects as well? (which would be more concerning - I’ve never seen it before this though)

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I replicated purely in 8.1.11. I have no reason to suspect that this is an upgrade related change, though; I would expect that 7.9 is broken in the same way.