[Bug] Functions and classes appear in the list even if inside a comment

I am not really sure if this is a bug, but I wouldn't expect this behaviour.
I noticed functions and classes defined inside a comment appear in the list to the right of the scripting window.

I have seen this issue in Ignition 8.1.18 and in Ingition Edge 8.1.32

I would guess that the parsing is a bit naïve in respect to what is a Doc String, what is a comment, and what is actual syntax.

@PGriffith would be able to say for certain.

Definitely agree that its not "expected" behavior.

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The current parsing that populates that sidebar is just some fairly naive regex based parsing that's very easy to break. It's long been on my list to replace it with a proper AST based parse, like what populates the actual autocomplete, but it hasn't risen to the top of the pile.
I'm hoping to tackle it as part of a suite of scripting related improvements in 8.3.0.