[BUG] Gateway Fails to Start

I received the following when starting the gateway in Win10, using the download from 11/8:
Gateway Startup Failed
The Ignition Gateway has failed to successfully start up.
Reason: java.lang.lllegalArgumentException:java.io.lOException:
Token PROPERTY_SEPARATOR found after property name.
Check the logs for more details.

There should be a longer stack trace in logs/wrapper.log. Can you post that? (or the whole wrapper log)

wrapper.txt (241.5 KB)

It looks like your tags conversions are failing during the migration of the datafile to 8. Would it be possible to send me a direct message with the Ignition 7 gateway backup so that we can look at the why the failure is occuring?

You can do this by clicking on my username and then clicking the Message button in the upper right of the window when my profile loads.

I think it sent successfully

It doesn’t look like the file came though. I send you a private message with alternate ways to send it.



We have made some changes to the tag migration within the last couple weeks. While I am uncertain if the changes will resolve the issues you were seeing, they were focused around issues others have had with the migration of UDTs from 7 to 8.

If you continue to see issues, please let us know.