[Bug] Gateway not showing Commissioning Page

After installing the latest nightly build (downloaded yesterday at 4 PM), the commissioning page fails to load properly
Did it with both an update and a fresh install (uninstalled and reinstalled), and after a restart of the computer.
Win 7 64
Internet Explorer

install_log.txt (284.9 KB)
wrapper.log (13.5 KB)

Hi Caleb,

Chances are it’s because you’re using Internet Explorer. We no longer support IE. Several of the web technologies that we use are not supported by IE, but are supported by Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and Safari. I would suggest upgrading your browser if possible.


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Ok. I will try that.

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Yes, using Chrome fixed it.

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Excellent, good to hear. -Yousuf

Hi in order to support to our customers around this topic, could you please provide most important features\technologies that actually are not supported by IE (I understand that IE is an old web-browser, but this could be an issue with some customers)?

I’m currently writing down installation notes and this will be helpful.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Rodrigo,

In order to provide customers with the best experience possible, we’ve decided not to support IE. The number of features and web API’s not supported or only partially supported by IE are too long to list here individually. To support IE requires relying heavily on adapters (polyfills) that are built to mimic or provide a fallback for more modern features and API’s of new JavaScript standards released in 2015.

This is typical in the world of web development, and has been for some time, but at some point however these adapters cannot keep up, offer only partial support, or simply cannot be built due to incompatibilities (see Proxy). You can see here how the new JavaScript standard is not supported by IE http://kangax.github.io/compat-table/es6/, and how many rely on adapters to bridge the gap. Feel free to visit caniuse.com for another detailed looked at browser support tables. Other reasons include HTML5 and CSS3 specification compliance. In order to get IE to comply with these standards we have to use various shims, which are inconvenient and add to overall development time.

I hope I have provided enough detail to help you in your efforts to nudge customers towards use of more modern browsers. This shouldn’t mean that you have to upgrade your servers necessarily, simply downloading and using a more modern browser (as Caleb_Bohon has done) should suffice. If you have any more questions or concerns, please feel free to let us know.


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Also, make sure you’re running the latest update if you find you’re not getting expected behavior from one of the supported browsers. I have seen some things behave differently on older builds of chrome so I assume other things would also be impacted.


Many thanks, Yousuf! This information is very helpful to support our new specs and provide advice to our customers.
We appreciated your time.


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