Bug / glitch with Diagnostic window

If I have the diagnostic window open, and then enter a value in a numeric entry in the window behind the diagnostic window, the diagnostic window disappears when I touch OK on the numeric keypad popup. (touchscreen is enabled)

It re-appears when I touch the numeric entry again, but I can’t interact with it because the keypad has focus.

I can’t bring it back into view with either Ctrl - shift - F7 or the Help / Diagnostic menu

My current workaround is to try and remember to close it before doing my numeric entry, and then re-open it after.
Or when I forget, shut down the client and restart it.

Using Ignition version 7.7.5
Vision module 7.7.5

This is a known issue and there is currently a ticket in our system to address this. Someone will post back here once it has been fixed.

This has been fixed for 7.7.6

This is related to this bug?

If so, the resolution will be ported to the 7.8.x branch?


All fixes made to 7.7.x are being regularly merged into 7.8.x.

Ok. Good to know. But the issue is related? It will be fixed for 7.8.1?

Thanks in advance.

I don’t know if they were related, but that issue is also marked as fixed for 7.7.6