[BUG] Hex Color Gradient Stop Points

Editing a gradient for a shape and I have found that I cannot edit the hex color value in the color picker directly. The hex value does update as I change the color on the wheel, select a new color on the palette, or change RGB/HSL values, but I cannot edit it or copy it.

I am also not able to type in the RGB/HSL values, but must use the wheel and/or slider. Not able to type in the alpha value either.

Can you take a screenshot of exactly what you mean? You’re talking about this editor, correct?

I suspect you might be running into a long-standing problem, where the bottom is actually cut off due to some bad math on our part; if you drag the designer window far enough from the bottom/taskbar you should see a plain hex field like this:

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I have run into that issue as well, but that is not the issue I’m having here.

I’m not able to click into any of the text fields to enter values. I can only use the color picker, the color sliders, or the adjustment wheels.

As I’m playing with it more here, it seems to be somewhat intermittent. It looks like when I initially open a window and select a shape that already has a gradient applied and try to edit the gradient, it doesn’t work. But then if I deselect and reselect the shape, it works.

So no real issue here, just a couple of extra clicks.

Thanks for your help.

Gotcha. Judging by the aliasing on your screenshot, it looks like you’re using the designer on a screen with a partial DPI scale (i.e. 125% or 150%). Historically all DPI scaling has been a problem for Java; it’s better now than it was, but still has issues with fractional scale factors. If you’re able to, I’d recommend either disabling the scale factor or disabling it for the designer via a JVM argument: