[Bug - IGN-149] Monitoring Inherited SFCs

I’ve found that unlike inherited scripts where you can select “Open read-only”, there is no way to select an inherited SFC (it is greyed out). This prevents me from monitoring any SFC instance.

Is this an intended feature?

I have found that by right clicking the inherited SFC chart and selecting “Override Resource” I can open the chart and then again right clicking and selecting “Revert changes”, the SFC window for that SFC stays open and I can monitor the SFC as I wanted, but this seems like a workaround and I worry about Overriding when I don’t want to.

And yes the still open SFC chart window in the child project updates if the parent project is updated (as expected).

I’m just hoping for a less kludgy way to monitor child SFCs.

Thank you

8.0.13 (b2020060815)

Yes, it’s a known bug and is in the queue to fix. No ETA yet.