[BUG - IGN-227] Offline unactivate not working in 8.0.16

Trying to offline unactivate license in 8.0.16 and do not get an unactivation_message.txt download.

Just tells me “License AAA-AAA successfully unactivated”.

Attempting an offline activate does download a activation_message.txt but when I upload the license.ipl I’m left with an “Effective License” and an “Applied License”, where the “Effective License” is missing the required module.

I’m glad you noticed this as well as it means I wasn’t going mad. I found this in v8.0.15 and reported it probably after or just before 16 came out to support. Hopefully it’s fixed now in 8.1

Was this ever solved? I’m working in version 8.1.0 and am seeing a similar problem where I’m not getting an unactivation_message.txt download.