[BUG: IGN-2555] Report Data Sources

When creating a Data Source for a report, it only shows two of the columns requested and renames the column. Any ideas?


Try not using a digit as the first character of your column names.

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The usual recommendation is don’t start column names with numbers, as it’s generally frowned upon.

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Either my fingers, or my interwebz are slow, as Phil beat me to it. :wink:

This is a known bug in the reporting engine we use. There’s an open ticket for it, but in the mean time, as Phil and Jordan raced to suggest, you’ll need to make sure your columns don’t start with a number.

Also don’t use columns where the only difference in the name is a number. :flushed:


This worked but I will be grateful once the bug is fixed. Thanks!

A leading digit also forces you to quote column names in SQL. And any ORM-ish jython you use. Really should be avoided, whether the reporting engine can handle it or not. IMNSHO.