[Bug IGN-4111] Mobx-react source map error

Ignition Version: 8.1.10-Nightly
OS: Win 11 Pro, Build: 22000.160

Any ideas why I’m getting a 404 error when sourcing /mobx-react.umd-6.1.4.js?

I’m not sure why you’re seeing that. The technical cause (you may be aware, but just in case) is that the mobx.umd package is declaring a sourcemap, but we aren’t shipping them with the module. I’ve reproduced the message you’re seeing with Chrome (does not occur in Firefox), and will make a ticket to investigate.

This ‘error’ is not an error of the ‘things won’t work right’ variety, it just means you won’t see the source code of the library in the debugger - you’ll see the actual (I’m assuming) production minified code. That can make debugging the mobx library more challenging, but that’s about the only significant impact.

I’ve opened a ticket so we can get it resolved, but should be safe to ignore for the time being.


I didn’t notice anything different with performance or functionality because of the warning. I only noticed it while investigating something else. I wanted to make sure I didn’t create the warning by overwriting several perspective properties.