[BUG IGN-6214] Protected resource - missing warning popup

There is a mechanism to protect (or at least add a layer of protection around) a vision template fex.
-I have been trying to implement this to the "library" elements of my application.
-I am trying to minimize the accidental modifications done by developers and service personnel when accidentally opening and saving a library resources.
-The protect feature is supposed to show a warning popup when trying to edit the protected resource.

However there is a bug:
-The warning popup opens when double click on the resource in the Project Browser
-The warning popup does not popup when double click on an instance of the resource already existing in a window (And this is the most probable use case where I want the warning to appear)

-This issue touches another discussion about how to handle overridden resources. (Since due to the above mentioned bug, I find many resources accidentally being overridden)
-Would there be possible to mark an overridden resource?
-Currently one need to delete the resource -to discover if it is overridden or not (since it then re-appears as a gray ghost)


Thanks, this is an existing ticket. I've added this forum thread to it.

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