[Bug - IGN-846] Report parameter calculation glitch

So, I was running my shiny new payroll attendance report today and happened across a weird glitch. I’m running 7.9.6 if that helps troubleshoot this.

I have a table group setup with a parent table that is tied to a list of employees, and a child table that lists each clock in/out pair that occurred for that employee, along with a duration calculation. The footer of this sub-table is set to calculate a total duration, and update a running sum on duration. The footer of the parent table is then set to display the running sum at the bottom of the report.

The problem I ran into was that my running sum was off, and I found out later that it was off by exactly the hours of one employee. His clock log was split across two pages, with a single detail line appearing on the second page of his records, with his normal totals underneath that.

To troubleshoot, I added a newline to one of the footer cells and added the running sum, so I could see which employee was being duplicated. When I ran the report again, the running sum was correct, the problem was gone. The pagination of the report had also changed slightly to account for the space this newline took. So, I removed the newline and tacked the running sum onto the end of the employee sum line, and the problem returned.

I’m not sure how the code is running twice, but I’m definitely getting this particular employee’s hours doubled up on my running sum. It’s not a huge deal as I can just not display the running sum and use the report without it, but it would have been a nice cross-check feature to have. Anything I can do to fix this on my end? It certainly looks like a reporting bug.

Here’s a couple screenshots to help show what I’m seeing.
Code to display running sum on new line:
Resulting report showing correct running sum:

And here’s the code with the newline removed:
Resulting report showing incorrect running sum:

Yikes, that does seem like a bug. :flushed:

I’ll file a ticket.

Thanks for taking a look, Kathy. Let me know if there’s any files that would be helpful for you to duplicate this on your end.

I can copy or export the report easily enough. As for the data, I’m guessing I could copy the data listed in the side panel of the preview pane of the report builder.

Hi Brian, would you be able to DM me an export of your report. If you can save your report dataset to a dataset memory tag, that would be helpful too.