[BUG IGN-9299] Reporting Module - Built-In Data Key 'Page of PageMax' Error


I have a report that is using 2 pages, with each page having a table. The pages are designed so that the table overflows and each table takes 2 pages. So effectively this report is 4 pages (as seen in the preview) but only 2 pages in the designer. The pages have a header which is a separate Simple Table element, and it includes the Built-In Data Key 'Page of PageMax'. This data key works for the pages created in designer, but not the additional pages created by the table overflow. So pages 1 and 3 properly say '1 of 4' and '3 of 4' respectively but pages 2 and 4 say 'Page of PageMax.

Page 1 preview (created in designer):

Page 2 preview (created automatically from table overflow):

This seems like a bug. Is there any work around to this? Thank you

What version of Ignition/the reporting module is this?

The Ignition version is 8.1.33 and the Reporting module is version 6.1.33

My current workaround is to change the header from a Simple Table to a Label, and the Label has the correct page numbers for the pages that are auto-generated by the table overflow.

This definitely looks like a bug. I'll file a bug ticket for it (IGN-9299). Thanks @Austin_Bae :+1:

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