[BUG] Ignition 8.0.14 - alarms properties are not all updated

Ignition 8.0.14
I have a tag with an alarm.
When the alarm is Active, IsActive propertie of the alarm is ok but all properties Alarms.* for the tag are not updated, (see “Défaut.IsActive”)

see example:

As a side note, if a disable/enable the alarm, properties are then updated


I have been attempting to replicate this internally, and seems like I am having issues again. I have your tags export from before and have made the specific tag you are referring to. The only thing on the tag that I have changed is the expression on if the alarm is enabled as I don’t have everything needed for the original expression.

What I have done to attempt to replicate:

  1. Created a new Programmable Device Simulator with the following Custom Program: MyDevice.csv (539 Bytes)
  2. Imported the following UDT & Tags: alarmIssueTest.json.zip (329.8 KB)
  3. Ran the following from the script console changing the value in line 28 when writing to device to trigger the alarms: Update.py (2.9 KB)

Any help in narrowing down what might be happening would be appreciated.


I have the issue immediatly after the gateway is restarted.
If I disable/enable the alarm with the tag binded to the path/to/tag/Alarms/myAlarm.enabled all the alarms properties are well updated.

This sounds very similar to the issue reported in your post here:

It should be fixed in the nightly release, although I wasn’t seeing the issue on Gateway restart even on 8.0.14 with the files I supplied to you.