BUG Ignition 8.0.16-RC1 - perspective Menu tree icon color issue

I would like to change the icon color for the items the menu tree component:
I’ve added a color properties as follow:

In the designer the color is OK, but not in chrome ? what’s wrong ?


Right click on the icon and inspect element in Chrome. What does it show the color is?

We need to see the element.style on the svg viewBox the line above your selection, like this:

seem to be empty

no that’s the path, not the svg viewBox

the class is ia_menuTreeComponent__item__icon

It’s ok for the class ia_menuTreeComponent__item__navIcon
the class is ia_menuTreeComponent__item__icon

I’ve upgraded to Ignition 8.0.16-RC1. Still have the bug


@mazeyrat, I came across this post while looking how to change the icon color and I can confirm this is fixed in 8.1.0-RC1.

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