[BUG] Ignition 8.0.16-RC1 - script library have no autocompletion for functions from module which depends from perspective

Ignition 8.0.16-RC1
I have a gateway with perspective and vision module installed.

I’ve create a module with some script functions exposed in the gateway scope.
This module depends from perspective module.



Thoses scripts functions are available in Action Script for perspective components with autocompletion.

Nevertheless, those scripts functions are not available in the script project library with autocompletion.

In my perspective module I don’t have a designer scope. It’s seems not necessary for exposing gateway script function for perspective components.
It’s seems to be a bug.

I have the same issue with IA built-in script functions
IA script function system.perspective.* are not available for autocompletion in the project script library, but those fonction are available for autocompletion in the perspective component action script

perspective component action script

project script library

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Yes, this is a bug. The script library always gives you scripting hints for the local scope. I filed a ticket a while back to add a selector, so you can choose (while in the scripting area) which scope’s autocompletion you want.

IMO, project scripts library need to show hints for all scope: gateway scope, vision scope and “gateway/perspective” scope.
Of course a selector will be the icing on the cake.

@PGriffith, any news about this bug ? perhaps solved with the next script editor :slight_smile:

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No progress to report yet, but yes, this is still something we’d like to add as part of a general script editing experience refinement.