[BUG] Ignition 8.0.3-SNAPSHOT-11-06-2019 - client tag's folder not visible in Tags browser

I’ve installed the last Ignition 8.0.3-SNAPSHOT-11-06-2019.
I’ve restored a 7.9 gateway backup.

In the designer I don’t have any folder for client tag ?
I’ve restarted the gateway, but the client’s tags folder is not visible in the designer ?
Is it a known bug ???

A s a side note, in the Choose tag popup, I have a folder Vision Client Tags with all the tags !

The Vision workspace has to be in focus in the main window for client tags to be visible in the tag browser. Their visibility when in the Perspective workspace was misleading users into thinking they would be available in Perspective views.

Not a Bug.

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Ok. It make sense in 8.0.
thanks @pturmel

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