[BUG ?] Ignition 8.0.5 - udt parameter in opcItemPath with caracter :

With Ignition 8.0.5:

opcItemPath in an udt if composed as follow:

opcItemPath value = {opcDebut}[{opcDevice}]TABLE:
udt parameters:
opcDebut value = ns=1;s=
opcDevice value = ESX_1

if I suppress the " : " after TABLE,
opcItemPath value = {opcDebut}[{opcDevice}]TABLE1.
opcItemPath value is correct = [ESX_1]TABLE:
(…after restarting Ignition, opcItemPath is wrong again ???)

With Ignition 7.9.12, the " : " is allowed

Is it intentional in V8.0 for the parameter computation ?

As a side note, if I directly put the string opcItemPath value = [ESX_1]TABLE:,
It’s OK, the opc item return the good value !

I’ve upgrade to the last 8.0.6 nightly and I still have this issue.


the replace of udt parameter value is not done…

When I edit the UDT:

I commit


When I open again the udt def, the binding is broken:

Hi @mazeyrat, I’m going to have someone look in to this and get back to you as soon as possible.

I’ve found a mistake in the Json file used to import udt definition.
OPC item path was string instead of a binding.
After deleting and recreating udt and instances, it is OK.

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