[Bug] Ignition 8.1.4: Accordion Icon not being removed for element 0

Im trying to remove the collapsedIcon and expandedIcon from the header property in a Accodion Item object.

I delete these above mention properties from the toggle property.

In the designer it works and the icon is removed from the header.

The issue is occurs when viewing in the webrowser,the icons are not removed for items[0] only for items[n+1]

Screenshot from 2021-08-04 12-46-37

Is this a bug?

I have this bug too, it seems to take some default options for the first row if you just delete the properties. Hower refreshing the page removes them again… Kinda weird xd

If you remove the path instead of the the whole collapsedIcon prop it does work.

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When you say “remove the path” do you mean the “path” key or value?

I feel like the display prop should be exposed in order to hide or show icons in the header.

The value, like in the screenshot i posted above

You could also add display to the style i guess.
This works too


Thank you

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