[BUG] Ignition 8 upgrade leaves old version in Windows Registry

This is on Windows 10 after a restart following upgrade to 8.1.2. Should this have been left here? Will uninstalling the old version break anything?

If it’s safe to uninstall this, will the fact we uninstalled standalone Java already be an issue?

This happened again on another update from 7.9.8 to 8.1.2. Before uninstalling Oracle Java, we hit the uninstall button for the old install and it brought up the 8.1.2 uninstaller… cancelled that. It looks like the upgrade from 7.9.x to 8.x creates a new key in the Windows registry and leaves the old one:

Deleting the Ignition 7.9.2 key from the folder shown in status bar of screen clipping above removes the old Ignition entry from Windows’ Apps & Features list. If you aren’t familiar with working with the Registry, beware you can break things.