[Bug] Ignition Designer Binding Preview not extending to window size, script window not extending, no copy paste of binding preview

In Ignition when you edit a binding and you look at the windows there are several problems:

  • binding preview is crammed in a 100px space while the rest of the window is left blank (see horizontal red arrow)
  • when you hover over the preview you can see a little more of the content, but the content is not copy-pastable
  • the script window doesn't extend vertically, so you have to expand it manually each time you open a binding


I wouldn't really call these bugs, but they would be nice features to have!


I would create an idea, and then link to this post,

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well it's a usability problem imho, and should be quite straight forward to fix.
I see it hasn't been addressed so far so I hope to raise some awareness on this quirk of the window.
I have problems logging with the ideas.inductiveautomation.com platform..

There is an idea to make it like a popup,

but I like your idea of using more real estate and being able to select and copy-paste it.