Bug - Ignition Designer - Merge Gateway Changes to Open Project - Windows Vision Bug

Ignition Platform 8.1.1
When a newly created window is committed to the gateway from one instance of Ignition Designer, the button to merge changes from the gateway to the open project on a second instance of Ignition Designer doesn’t show the newly created window.
I’m logged into both instances as the same user, both on same windows VM that the gateway is installed on, with the same project opened on both instances of Ignition Designer.
However, with windows both instances can see, if one instance has a window open the other instance can see that the window is being worked on. So that part works great. But I cannot see a newly created window, as mentioned above, from the other instance.
I’m new to Ignition and am testing the ins and outs of how flexible it is. So far, it is looking pretty good.

Welcome to the light!

You’ll need to update the second designer to pull in the changes made by other designers. Top left icon beside the save button

Thanks nminchin.
That’s what I had been doing (see post) :confused: . But, I tried again and now know that “Close and Commit” does not also save :smiley: .

Ah yes, commit will just save it to “memory” or something… I’ve never actually bothered to check the nuances of it, but yes, you’ll need to save it for the changes to appear. Note also, that saving will save all open and/or committed project changes.

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for ignition SCADA how to find license version and how to take license backup in case if we want to change SCADA hardware how to transfer license

Not sure what that has to do with the topic?

You can’t “back up” a licence. The licence is identified by its licence key. To transfer the licence, you first need to “unactivate” it from the gateway, then activate it on your new gateway. You need to start a new topic if you want to ask an unrelated question

i try to open new topic but unable to select other options