[BUG] Ignition Tags Failed to read causing “Bad Quality” and “Not Certain” for all OPC Values

The behaviour you unexpectedly encountered

Received a call from Site Operators at 17.26 stating, all Tags had gone red and reading Bad Values.

The behaviour you were expecting to see

The screen should have loaded I normally with all tags and values reading normally.

A list of the steps you took that exposed the issue - including your starting point.

Went onto Ignition Designer and viewed the Tag Brower, from here I could see any OPC values were reading Bad Quality / Not Certain.

Logged into the Gateway Machine, Using Redirection Manager I looked at the Status of the RDM Connections which appeared to be good, Tags at this point were still reading Bad.


After checking that’s, I went onto the GW via a browser (CHROME), went to config, OPC Connections and refreshed the connections. The Tags were still reading Bad.


I Navigated to the OPC Quick Client and could see all tags were loading in but were still reading Bad on the vision clients / Tag Browser on Designer.

Finally, I went to Config > Tags > Realtime Tag Providers, went into the Main Provider via EDIT and saved changes (didn’t make any changes, it was just to refresh the connection). Shortly after, all tags came back online.

Due to the Limit on errors recorded in the Log Files, we recorded 53000 + errors and the error logs stopped short of when the issue occurred.

At least 53000 of the errors are:

Error processing tag value change. - tags.execution.core – ERROR

The Rest occur in between starting at 17.25 and stopping at 17.48.

Disconnecting Server ‘POLY_RDM1’,healthy: true - OPCCOM.DAServer[POLY_RDM1] INFO

Server ‘POLY_RDM1’ state set to [CLOSED] - OPCCOM.DAServer [POLY_RDM1] INFO

Shutting down subscription ‘tag-group-mdn_polymer_poly_leased_10-leased’. Is healthy shutdown: true

com.inductiveautomation.opccom.wrapper.subscriptions.COMSubscription INFO

Creating new COM subscription ‘tag-group-mdn_polymer_poly_leased_10’/60000


Server does not appear to support DA 3. Subscription name: ‘tag-group-mdn_polymer_poly_leased_10-leased_166’

com.inductiveautomation.opccom.wrapper.browsing.BrowseFactory - WARN

Could not locate member ‘3900018f-0da1-47d0-820e-96588e42131c.48fb87b0-2f45-49fc-8ba8-904b22f806fd’ in tag ‘p50374e2’ - WARN

A list of helpful information about the situation you were in

Ignition version 8.1.7 (Recently upgraded to this version, this error has never happened previously)

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