[BUG] Import SVG

With the lack of drawing tools in perspective I found an alternative.
The alternative is too make an svg in an external program.
This was working for the most of the drawings.
However I get some errors with my last drawing.


SVG (converted to png because the forum does not support svg uploads):

Could you put the .svg into a zip file and post it here? I’ll also see if we can get .svg allowed as an import format.

H2OToevoer.zip (14.6 KB)

@joostjojo, unfortunately, our current implementation of the SVG specification is limited. While we aim to improve that over time, for now your best bet will probably be to try to isolate whatever elements aren’t working properly and remove them from your svg files. You can also try simplifying the .svg, or exporting in a ‘plain’ SVG format to minimize the complexity of the output, and the likelihood we run into problems trying to import things.