[BUG] Importing nested data types 8.0.5

Updated from 8.0.3 to 8.0.5 and working across multiple projects drawing on the same inherited project and datatypes.

I exported my custom data types from one project and imported to the other. Any custom data type with a second level nested custom data type threw the contents of said nested custom data type away.

@joshdunstan can you clarify a little bit what you were doing here?
So, exporting UDTs from one tag provider, then importing them into another provider? Or the same provider? Or, is this across different gateways?

Project inheritance shouldn’t be relevant here, since tags are a gateway-scoped resource.

Would it be possible to send me a tag export that I can import to reproduce the behavior? Or for you to test on 8.0.6RC, in case this has been resolved?

Thanks Paul.

I am exporting from one tag provider to another on a different gateway. Both at 8.0.5, previously 8.0.3.

This is on machines to be shipped in December and we are on tight commissioning schedules so I am hesitant to update to the RC before consumer release.

I sent the same query through on email, if you respond please I can send the tag export back. Thanks!