Bug in 8.0.8, expedited 8.0.9 release

Hi folks. We found a notable bug in 8.0.8 after release. As a result, we’re in the process of building 8.0.9 installers, which contains a fix for the bug. Ignition 8.0.9 should be available later today, or soon after.

The Issue

8.0.8 introduces a new style editor for Perspective. Currently, the style editor, which is also used to edit style classes, does not have options for margins. Meaning there isn’t a way to add margins to style classes, nor can you edit margin settings on them…

Unfortunately, upgrading to 8.0.8 will forcible remove any prior margin configurations on all style classes. Furthermore, there isn’t a way to add margins back on 8.0.8.

You’ll notice a similar problem with padding, in that you can not add a generic padding option via the editor, although you do have options for adding padding to explicit sides: padding-bottom, padding-top , etc. Regardless, a bug is causing the automatic removal of the general padding option, similar to the margin options I mentioned above.

The removal of padding and margin from existing style classes was not intended.

If you’re on 8.0.8, and making use of padding or margins on style classes, we advise you maintain any backups you had prior to upgrade, and upgrade to 8.0.9 after it is released.

To be clear, this bug only impacts margins and the padding property on perspective style classes, and has no other ramifications.

What is the Fix?

Ignition 8.0.9 contains a fix that will prevent the removal of margin options and the padding option on style classes. You will not see the margins or padding options appear in the “Applied Styles” panel on the left of the editor, but a quick glance around your project will show that margins applied via style class are still functioning as normal.

You will not be able to add, modify, or remove the mentioned properties in the 8.0.9 style class editor. A later patch (most likely targeting 8.0.10) will introduce the capability to add, modify, and remove those properties on style classes.

Why Not Deliver the Fix in a Nightly Build?

In short, we want to replace 8.0.8 with a newer production build that doesn’t contain the problems described above.

Normally, we release new nightly builds to address bugs, allowing us to maintain a consistent release cycle for our “stable” or production releases. The benefit of the nightly builds is that they provide users a quicker solution if a particular bug is causing them trouble, providing an option other than waiting for the next release.

However, these bugs are destructive, potentially removing user made configurations without any sort of warning. Because of this, we felt it was appropriate to break our normal cycle in the interest of replacing 8.0.8 sooner.

What’s Else is Going Into 8.0.9?

The only notable changes in Ignition 8.0.9 will be fixes for the issues mentioned above. We had several features and fixes that were targeting 8.0.9 originally, but they have yet to finish our testing cycle, so we’re not yet comfortable releasing them yet. We don’t want to rush out those changes and potentially cause more harm than good.

Thus, any features or fixes that were introduced in 8.0.9 nightlys, are now targeting 8.0.10. which is our next release target. You should start seeing 8.0.10 nightlys being released shortly after we get 8.0.9 on our downloads page.

We sincerely apologize for any folks that were impacted by this bug. This is precisely the type of scenario we try to avoid, and we’re in the process of trying to figure out what went wrong, so we may better prevent any future occurrences.

Please feel free to post any questions you may have below.