[bug] in example perspective web designer delegate


I’ve been trying to make a seperate designer component. The java delegate was working this fine like the example of the tag counter.
However there is no example on how to adjust the web designer component. ignition-sdk-examples/rad-designer-components.ts at 06bfb57b725636f63b05d3f9a20782f6c2163225 · inductiveautomation/ignition-sdk-examples · GitHub

I have figured out to register it to the InteractionRegistry.

However no matter what i tried it didnt work… It all just never seemed to register and even run this designer ts file!

So i moved it over to the clients file and it worked! (after adjusting some dependencies in the package and webpack.config file)

Could this be an error in the example? or am i just doing something wrong somewhere ? xd
@PerryAJ @Kevin.Herron

It’s possible there is a bug, but may just be an incomplete implementation in that example (at least, that’s what I’m thinking based on the empty file and comment). I’m actually in the process of updating the perspective example to use the new module building plugin and current gradle best practices. When I get that done (probably next week), I’ll try and take a look at fleshing out the example implementation of that API.

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I would love an example of a container component implementation.
As it seems to be a harder one, but any examples help :smiley: