Bug in float EngHigh value import

Ignition 7.6.6

When I export a UDT def sql tag with datatype Float4 and “EngHigh” = 1.0E10
the value is exported. => 1.0E10

But when I try to import the file, the value is replaced by 1 !

I wasn’t able to recreate this problem. Could you either contact Tech Support or post the xml file you are importing and a screen shot of how you set the tag up?

Value into the export file :

4 Ignition OPC-UA Server HH.MN 1.0E18 sqltags.xml (7.43 KB)

Value in deigner after importing the same file : 1E18 => 1 ?

I apologize, but I’m still not sure I understand the problem because I still can’t recreate it. Please be patient while I ask a few more questions.

Are the screen shots you uploaded from before you exported the udt, or after the import?

If they are from before the export, the xml file matches the screens, and my import matches the xml file. If your import does not, I wonder if we are dealing with a locale issue. What locale is your OS running in, what locale does the Gateway > Configure > System Status page show, and what OS are you running for the gateway and the designer?

If they are from after the import, can you show me screen shots from before the export? Since the import is behaving like I would expect from the xml file, the problem might be in the export itself. Again, locale might be involved, so knowing what locale/OS combination you are using may help.

Clipboard03.jpg is before
and Clipboard04.jpg is after

OS : Window7 64bits
Designer and Vision Client on the same host.
Locale : fr_FR

Thanks, I’ll see if I can get this replicated in the next couple of days.

I was able to replicate this in a French version of Windows 7 Ultimate. It’s definitely a problem with the way the number format in the xml file is interacting with the locale – if I change the xml file to read 1,0E18, it behaves correctly in my French vm.

Thanks for noticing this – I’ll write up a ticket for it.

Thanks for your feedback.


Same problem with a Win7 x64 in English language but Spanish Format in Region and Language (for dates, numbers, etc). The import function does not read the floating point numbers properly.

In fact, if you export and reimport (not doing anything in between) the floating points in the UDT (not default ones) are multiplied by 10 every time yo do the export/import cycle.

In the xml I used a comma instead a point and it worked but you have to do this replace task every time before importing.



This has been fixed for 7.7.2, rc1. Sorry that it took so long, many people have run into this!