Bug in toColor expression function in combination with enabled/disabled

Version 8.1.22:
When we choose a completely grey color (R=G=B) the text on the enabled button looks allright, but when the button is disabled, the text is almost white and therefore almost invisible!

See the image below, the text on the buttons corresponds to the expression used to determine the color.
The column of buttons to the left is attached to the checkbox 'Enable buttons 1', the column to the right is exactly the same, but bound to checkbox 'Enable buttons 2' to show the difference.

As you can see, when we change to RGB-values from grey (all RGB values equal) to one of the RGB-values that is different, the text remains visible!

Does this make sense?

Have you opened a support request about this issue? We received this image in a support ticket and one of our support reps has added it to an existing bug ticket. Development is aware of the issue and is working towards a resolution.

Hi Ben,

I've been absent from the forum for quite a while now and neglecting my messages.
Sorry for this.
In reaction to your question: Yes, the ticket was mae (#66189)
Status is Solved.. (Off course!)

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