[BUG] Inherited Perspective View Parameters not updating to 'Child' views

Has anyone else seen this behavior?

I have a project containing Perspective “template” views which we use in other projects that are set to inherit the previous project.

The issue is when we add View Params on the views in the parent project and save, the new Params are not available on the ‘child’ views, even after ‘Merge new changes’ is selected. I CAN manually enter the param on the child view, but this defeats the purpose of having parent views in my mind.

I’m using ver 8.1.0 and have noticed the same behavior in older 8.0 versions.

If I’m not updating the child project correctly, I would appreciate someone’s insight into how I should.


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Yep, this has always been an issue… It’s quite annoying :confused:

I added an idea for it:


I just bumped the internal ticket for this to get re-prioritized.

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