[bug] [installer] installer initialization failed

os: windows server 2019 standard
build: b2019031902

I just tried to uninstall Ignition 8 to perform a fresh install and received the following prompt:

Server reboot fixed this problem and I was able to uninstall Ignition.

EDIT: didn’t work after several other attempts

Can you check in Windows’ Event Viewer and see if there’s any more context given for the initialization failure?

I couldn’t find anything.
I checked the windows logs, custom views and applications and services logs.

Alright, thanks. We’ll keep track of whether this continues to happen for anyone else. Thanks for the report.

I’m looking to do a fresh install of Ignition 8 on this box and I can’t uninstall it again. I’ve rebooted the server multiple times with the same result as the OP.

I’m seeing the same issue on Windows Server 2019 as well. However, these other methods for uninstalling appeared to work:

  • Manually invoking uninstall.exe in the install directory of Ignition
  • Using the “old school” Programs and Features screen found in the Control Panel

Thanks James. The old school method worked as expected. (I think I unknowingly used the control panel to uninstall it and thought the server reboot was the resolution)