[BUG] Issue with label text field

Using 8.1.10

When entering a value greater than 2^53+1 the number is converted into a string, but is still limited by the precision of the equivalent double value. For example, 9007199254740993 will display as a string (green in the property field), but will display 9007199254740992 on the screen.

How is this a bug?

@pturmel You can’t type in a string of numbers larger than 2^53+1 without it being subject to floating point precision. Further, it appears that ignition understands that it can’t represent this value as a number, so it converts to a string, so something seems to be wrong with how it gets interpreted…

For reference:

Put it in quotes if you want the value to be a string.

edit: nevermind, not sure I understood what’s going on here.

Quotes will display with the text unfortunately. Alternative is to put the string in quotes in an expression binding.

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I was going to suggest this. Not sure if it is best practice but it gets the job done.