[BUG] Latest nightly breaks some Perspective views

When updating to the latest nightly, I noticed a bug that breaks some Perspective views and causes them not to open until their view.json file is edited.

What happens is an error occurs when trying open the view: “Unable to deserialize resource” or something of that nature. The “Details” of the error mentions a malformed path which will look something like custom. or params..

In the view.json for the view in question, there will be something like the following:

"paramConfig": {
  "custom.": { /* ... Whatever ... */ }

or it could be params. or whatever. This is being added to some random views seemingly out of nowhere and the fix for the bug is to simply delete this custom. object.

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This should be fixed - this was an issue with 8.0.3 RC1, but fixed in RC2. The latest 8.0.4 nightly should have the requisite changes, as well - do you have a specific build number?

I’m not sure as to the build number - not sure where to find that, exactly. I downloaded it this morning at about 9AM CDT, 8.0.4 Nightly.

Do you know if you previously used 8.0.3 RC1? Or a nightly right around the time that RC was cut? Grasping at straws a bit, but what could have happened is you opened views on one of the affected versions, saved them (which caused the corruption), and then didn’t open them again until now.

Failing that - if you can reproduce on a brand new view (specifically, this error should only come from adding a binding to individual elements within an array) then it’s definitely a regression for us to take a look at.

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I am unable to reproduce the bug so you’re right, it probably has something to do with our update path up to this point that caused the issue.

Thanks for the help!

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FWIW, we’re pulling fixes from the 8.0.3 RCs into the 8.0.4 nightlies regularly, but not every single day. There can be a few days lag between an RC fix and it making into the nightlies, so it’s possible to see something in the RC before it’s in a nightly. Not intuitive, but that’s how it is.