[BUG] "Learn More" leading to Error 404 page


I'm not sure if this "Learn More" link, but they are all leading to missing pages (404). My impression is that this link was there since a long time, then the online documentation was changed and the URL's changed too and now all the Learn More are not pointing at the right place.

I'm using ignition v8.1.26.

Not that it's complicated to search online for these informations, but since the link is there, it would be nice to update them.

Correct me if i'm wrong and i've misunderstood something.


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Ironically, there appears to be something wrong with the 'permalink' feature we have on our webserver that redirects a link like https://links.inductiveautomation.com/81-perspsective-table-component to the actual user manual page for the table component. The entire reason we have that indirection is so that the links in the software don't go "stale" as the user manual is changed :man_facepalming:


The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry!

thanks. It seems to be fixed