[BUG] Mac OS Application Import of a Launcher Config Prevents Launcher from Starting

I was recently playing around with the vision client launcher on Mac OS (Catalina 10.15.2) and ran into a bug where if I try to import a launcher configuration (not an app configuration) through the Application Import, it will accept the launcher configuration but shows no available applications on the main screen. If you then quit the vision client launcher, you are unable to restart the program. It will just close as soon as you try to launch it from the Mac applications folder. Reinstalling the vision client launcher does not fix the issue. Only way to get it working again is to delete the client-launcher folder in the ~/.igntion cache folder. The only interesting log I see in the visionclientlauncher.log is this:

INFO  [ClientLauncher                ] [2020/07/27 12:19:05]: unsplittable argument '-psn_0_299081' found. Arguments should be in the form of KEY=VALUE

Launcher was downloaded from a 8.0.15 gateway.

Is the -psn arg in the json anywhere? we look for that argument specifically and consume it on launch automatically. Maybe you could DM me the json so i can check it out locally?

Jonathan C

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