Bug? Maybe? - 'Launch gateway' button doesn't work after Homepage Redirect

On a specific gateway, I adjusted the homepage redirect to point to a project so that the users would only have a shorter URL to enter or remember to get to perspective.

As a side effect of that, any of the ‘Launch Gateway’ buttons just seem to redirect to the project now instead of the gateway page. Is that intended? Or should those buttons be remapped to a more detailed URL so that they can load the gateway as instead?

Happens when you are working on a trial gateway as well, have had an ideas post open about it for a while


The button just takes you to ip:port instead of taking to you ip:port/web/home

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I could see the trial expired thing working as described, but I’m not sure I agree with the original post. I could just as easily see it being annoying to set a ‘homepage redirect’ and then having ‘launch gateway’ bypass your redirect. There’s not really any way to please everyone in this situation.

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I agree, but the ones that actually say gateway, I feel like should still point to the gateway website instead of the redirect.

I understood it as by just specifying IP and port that it would forward to the project, but I could still use the ‘Visit Gateway’ through the bottom bar or the reset trial page in order to get to the configuration side of things.

If that isn’t the intention, thats fine. Its no big deal for me to revert, but I just wanted to bring it up in case it was something missed.

Any chance this is an active feature request? I still havent learned my lesson on hitting that “Launch Gateway” button and redirecting myself back into the expired project…

Nothing that I’ve seen so far.