[BUG] Memory Tags not working after rebooting gateway SOLVED

Hello to everyone,
I found a strange behavior, I’m using Ignition V8.0.7, created a memory tag and it work perfectly.
When I reboot the PC the memory tag became “stuck”.
The error message I found is “Uncertain_InitialValue”.
When I try to force the value, by script or manually on the tag, it try to write “null” and it’s impossible to restore.
To solve I have to delete the memory tag and re-create it and untill the next reboot everything work correctly.

thank you for the support

We sometimes also have this problem with memory tags that contain an expression. However, after opening the expression and then closing it again, the problem often resolves.

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Thank you for the reply.
Unfortunatly there are no expression on the tag.
It’s just a memory tag to store the number of active allarm.
The calculation are done in the gateway time script every 5 second and write the result in this memory.

The strange part it’s that I create a counter from 0 to 100, in the same way, and that work without issues.

Hello to everyone,
someone have some news? Some suggestion?

Hello to everyone,
I found the problem, It’s a incompatibility with the command ‘system.tag.write(…)’, if I use the command ‘system.tag.writeBlocking’ work without problem.

It seems that command it’s not fully compatible with Ignition 8