[BUG] Modify Source View Option Bypasses Designer View Protection Lock

Hi everyone,

We have a project which we need to restrict access to viewing certain views.

When trying to access a protected view from the project browser, it works correctly and blocks access

When I add an instance of the view to different a non protected view, I am still able to right click on the instance and select modify source view. This bypasses the standard behavior found when trying to access it in the Project Browser.

I believe the modify source view option should disappear from the context menu for a protected resource.

Let me know if this was intended behavior.

The reason I'm asking, is because we need to provide project access to a client and want to protect parts of the project which contain our IP (Intellectual Property).

You'll be interested in this thread:

The issue is based around a inconsistent implementation of the protection behavior.

If the view is protected, the "modify resource view" option should behave the same as is does in the project browser and prevent the user from accessing the resource.

The "protection" is just to prevent unwanted modification. It is not for securing your system from prying eyes. Anyone with designer access can get around any security in the gateway and work with any non-compiled resource.

Really, read that topic.

What version of Ignition are you using? A recent bug fix was supposed to fix several issues like this, though it's possible this slipped through the cracks.

Our Ignition Gateway version is 8.1.28 (b2023060110)