[BUG] navigate between pages with view params does not retrigger OnStartup script


We’ve made a view “template” where users can navigate to with something like system.perspective.navigate(pageurl/:params)
The onStartup script located on this view do not trigger when navigating between pages with different “:params” but the same pageurl

How i noticed this was not because i was running any onstartupscripts on igntion, but on my custom module xd which used something like this.props.page!.pageProps!.read('path')
When i do a print of this on each render i notice that on the first render on navigating to a new page i still get the path of the previous page.

Which caused me to also test the on startup scripts, which also seem to be bugged. Im guessing react isnt reloading the page but only the props/states.

I fixed this in my module by putting a react key in the ‘root div’ of the pageid, tho there are other ways to force a rerender too, maybe a rerender isnt really needed at all, but its just a quick bandaid i found xd.

Version 8.1.10 (b2021090812)

Hello I am experiencing same problem on version 8.1.9 onStartup event is not triggered when using system.perspective.navigate(pageurl/:params)

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