[Bug] Numeric Text Field border

The NumericText Field component will not save a border setting of “No Border” when the Editable property is set to false.

Vision 8.0.15

The props.style.borderStyle property does not have “No Border” attribute.
try props.style.borderStyle = none (lower case)

EDIT: Ignore this. I just seen Vision 8.0.15

Are you saying the Border property goes back to Other Border when the editable field is disabled?

Yes that is correct.

Try this:
Create an expression binding on the border property using:

This will enforce the specified border when the editable property is toggled.

More expression border info here:

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Hello. i resolve this problem, by adding a custom property (Edit_enable) and a Style customizers. When the Edit_enable is OFF, the borderis set to line border using the same color as the back ground and when its ON, the border is black line border.

Just replying to notice that this error keeps happening on vision version 11.1.7.
To solve it I’ve set the border config to matte and width=0 instead of using “no border” option of the list.