[BUG] Numpad not showing in Perspective in browser on iPhone for numeric entry

iOS 16.7.7

When I run Perspective in Safari or in Perspective Workstation, tapping on a numeric input component simply selects numbers but doesn't bring up the numpad. The text input component works fine.

I have experienced the same.
I figure it’s because I have the numeric input in an Embedded View.

If you activate the spinner on the numeric input component it will open normal keyboard.

I believe this should have been fixed as of 8.1.36. What Ignition version are you currently running?

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Ok cool, I think they're running low 20s. I'll see if they want to upgrade, cheers

Is the numpad feature only available for mobile? I am running 8.1.36 on a Windows 11 machine and a numpad does not popup when selecting a numeric input component.