[BUG] Opening a PUSH dock from a parameterised url page resets changed params to the url-supplied params

While trying to diagnose a major issue with one of my Perspective Views which could cause significant loss of wine for my customer, I’ve finally found the root of the issue. I’m using version 8.1.5

If you have a page that has url params and a dock defined, if you modify the params outside of the url and then open a dock set to PUSH (does not apply to docks set to COVER) , the params will revert back to the values in the url.

See example below and an export of my views and page config


Export of views:
BUG-v8.1.5.zip (8.5 KB)

Page config:

"/testing/bug/main/:key": {
      "viewPath": "_Testing/BUG-OpenDockClearsParams/Main",
      "docks": {
        "left": [
            "viewPath": "_Testing/BUG-OpenDockClearsParams/Dock",
            "id": "dock-push",
            "viewParams": {},
            "size": 50,
            "resizable": false,
            "iconUrl": "",
            "modal": false,
            "show": "onDemand",
            "anchor": "fixed",
            "content": "push",
            "autoBreakpoint": 480,
            "handle": "hide"

Ok so I have an extra condition. The issue presents itself only when the dock is set to push. There is no issue if the dock is set to cover. I was using cover in our test system and push in our prod system :confused:

So, you’re going to test on the nightly, too?

Nope, I don’t have time and the customer won’t upgrade until their busy period is over in a few months:( The workaround for me is to use navigate with url params instead of changing params values directly

do you happen to use input/output view params on the dock?

Nope. Dock is literally an empty green (to distinguish it) View in my example

and in the page?

Params are Input only on the page

ima take a look to your view sec xd

I dont seem to have that in 8.1.14

My guess is this is a bug related to the viewparams of popups, which was (kinda) fixed in 8.1.12 (but really in 8.1.13 altho i think input/output is still buggy)

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I get the lack of time, but I didn’t mean testing in Production.

What i meant was even if I could test and prove it’s fixed, I wouldn’t be able to upgrade them for ages so would need to work around it regardless, so I’ll leave testing to IA :slightly_smiling_face: edit: or rather to Victor :sweat_smile:

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See edit in OP. Issue only applies to docks set to PUSH. Issue does not apply to docks set to cover.

it was set to push during my tests^^

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