[BUG] Page Configuration

in the beta build b2019010702, I noticed an issue regarding the Page Configuration in Perspective.
The configuration section does not correctly manage the multi-engineering: if two or more users modify the configuration at the same time, the last one wins and the merging of the updates does not work properly for the other users.
Is it possible to have an interlock in the configuration of the pages?
Thank you.

The entire way resources are stored and multiple user designing/editing is still going to change before final release - those changes are not available in the nightly builds yet.

The rough roadmap is:

  1. No, there will not be ‘locks’ applied to particular resources - any number of designers can open a particular resource, but
  2. Designers will receive an indication that other users are modifying the same resource at the same time
  3. On save, if the version coming from your designer has conflicts with the one on the gateway, you will be given the option to either accept the gateway’s changes (dropping your own) or ignore the gateway’s changes (pushing your own).

Thank you for your reply.