[Bug] Perspective app does not support downloading

When using the system.perspective.download() to download files from the gateway, the app does not respond, this can however be done by using chrome on the mobile

What platform is your mobile device? Android or iOS? We’re tracking a known issue with iOS devices not allowing downloading.

This is on an Android. How can I help?

Hello, I’ve encountered the same issue, on version 8.1.12. I thought, Android app version is 1.0.3. I’ve wrapped the download inside a Python script and called within the onActionPerformed event of a button: the event is raised and the script is run without throwing any exception, but nothing is downloaded. Same thing works instead from the Chrome app. I thought it was a permission issue, so I’ve looked and found that the access to the file system is not mentioned in the available permissions, could it be because of that?

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This was fixed in the mobile apps but requires Ignition 8.1.14+ and the mobile app version 1.0.2+ to work correctly as changes had to happen in both the mobile apps as well as perspective itself.

Hope that helps,
Jonathan C

Perfect many thanks.