[BUG] Perspective Carousel with fade behavior. View freezes when switching to previous view

I have created two views which each contains one “Multi-State Button”-object with the original settings. I then use a carousel in a third view to switch between these two views. At first there is no problem, I can switch between the states of the Multi-State Button on the first view and then go to the next view and switch between the states of the second Multi-State Button. The problem occurs when I switch back to the previous view. The first view is now locked and I can’t click on any button in the view. I noticed that this only occurs when I have the fade property of the carousel set to true.

Thanks for reporting. I will be addressing some carousel behavior next week and will make sure to fix this.

@Toobor, just for clarification, are you seeing this on 8.0.11?

No, we currently use version 8.0.9.

Sounds good, thanks. The internals of the carousel component were rebuilt for 8.0.11. I will check that this behavior does not exist in the newly rebuilt version.

@Toobor, this behavior doesn’t exist after the rewrite in 8.0.11.

Okey, thank you!