[BUG] Perspective Datetime Format Transform and toDate function displaying random dates


I have datetimes coming from a database table using datetime2 in the format:
YYYY-MM-dd HH:mm:ss.xxxxxxx

I’m trying to format the display of this to YYYY-MM-dd E HH:mm:ss.

I’ve tried both Perspective Format Datetime as well as an expression binding formatDate with and without toDate(...), but all are producing bizarre results.

Binding example:

The formatted dates between the three displayed dates are all completely different with no consistent offsets being applied.

Removing lots of the decimal part and just leaving YYYY-MM-dd HH:mm:ss.xxx produces different wrong results:

These are my property values:

  "logged_datetime": "2022-02-14 07:49:17.0000000",
  "started_on": "2022-02-14 07:22:37.9670000",
  "stopped_on": "2022-02-14 07:29:08.0830000",

Another bizarre example below. hat is even going on? All of the datetimes are different depending where you look:

After converting from datetime2 to datetime, I’m still seeing strange behaviour:
Stopped time is wrong, and not even out by a multiple of 30 mins.
This is the binding showing the raw value and the formatted value:

This is the raw unix time converted into date time which is correct, and different to what the image above shows:

What is going on?? :fearful:

I’ve resorted to using a script transform for now instead :confused: luckily the page won’t be looked at very often