[BUG]? Perspective DateTime Input BST error

The clocks changed to BST in the UK last Sunday (26th).
I'm having issues with the DateTime Input data selection for one of my tables.
First impression is that it's a clock-change issue, since the date is out by one since Monday.
The DateTIme Inputs are set to pickerType:date, so I'm guessing it's a "midnight is in a different place" issue?


Is it a BST bug, or is it something else do we think?

Hi Cameronin,

I think this would be better suited for Inductive Automation Support to handle so they can get more details from you about this issue.

Something that might help is going to your project properties in your designer and under Project> Designer choosing BST. Perspective> General also has Project Timezone where you can choose BST.

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Ah! Magic :smiley:
Perspective>General was on UTC for some reason.
Have set it to gateway timezone and happiness reigns!
Thank you!