[Bug] Perspective Developer Container Issues

Where to I actually report a bug?

in short, this is 8.1.21, Perspective, Designer.

I have a container with a base property, and elements within, some scripted, some direct. If I'm in Designer, and copy the container, I should just have to update the base custom property to a new thing... change "Scale1" to "Scale2" for example, but that doesn't work, as every element inside loses it's custom properties... If I put add them back in, they actually show up, with their proper links, but I need to click on each link to make them valid.

I also need to revisit every item (text, color, fill, whatever), and add them back (once adding, they assume their original connections and function, but only after clicking the link icon to what, verify?).

You report bugs to support. https://support.automation-pros.com/

Dead link! He meant https://support.inductiveautomation.com

Hmm. Fingers were in full auto-pilot mode.

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Could you supply the View you're using? If you've already made contact with support then there's no need.

Oh, I think this is a known issue which was resolved in 8.1.22.