[Bug] Perspective - Dropdown Component Error with Search Enabled

On 8.0.16
Running into an error (which i also had on 8.0.13) where if I have search enabled on my dropdowns that have a lot of items, the dropdowns will immediately display “component error” after touching the dropdown.

This only happens in mobile devices (on both iOS and Android) in the Perspective App as well as in a browser.

Is anyone else seeing this?

Thank you,

I determined that this is happening because i’m using .css to make the dropdown max height increase from 150px to a max height of 600px:
.ia_componentModal.component-modal-large-viewport.component-modal-below.hide-arrow.iaDropdownCommon_options_modal { max-height: 600px; }

I have to drop this value down to 225px for it to not cause this issue on my mobile devices.

I really think that even if i have that .css in place the dropdown should only take up the amount of space it can without breaking the component.