[Bug] Perspective equipment schedule component - Row Style Background Color not working

Hi all,

there seems to be an issue with the coloring of the Perspective equipment schedule component.
When setting a color for the rowStyle background (for the component, not a single item), it is briefly being displayed in the designer how it should be.
However when saving or going in and out of preview mode, the color reverts back to the standard grey. Also the square in the top left corner of the component won't change color (there isn't an extra property to configure that).
After a little analysis I found that the color seems to revert back to the css standard.
My solution was to change the css file in the Ignition GW Folder.
From my understanding this shouldn't be necessary though.

Additional System Info:

  • reproduced under GW Version 8.1.21 & 8.1.27
  • current perspective Version: 2.1.27

Can some of you reproduce this behaviour?


Hi Eric,

I'm curious to see if anyone is able to reproduce this. If so, please reach out to Inductive Automation Support so we can look into this further. https://support.inductiveautomation.com/hc/en-us